Sunday Evening Post: There I Go Again

Esteemed Guaguer@s,

I wanna always keep falling in love.

It's a risky way to live.

But here I go again...this video...documents the first public performance of a song that has been one of my innermost anthems for nearly two years now. I've been re-writing it in my head, testing out scenarios of what new life and new love could be like. But as my mentor, Horace Beasley, says, "Love isn't love until you give it away." Thanks to the generous audience of thoughtful/creative/heartful writer folk up in the BX for making this debut meaningful. It was performed at the Bronx Community College Writing Center Poet's Cafe (open mic), made possible by the initiative of Prof. Janet Robertson, Director.

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Lyrics below.

Peace, Blessings and Thanks for listening,


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                    There I go Again 
                                copyright Marcos de Jesús 2017 
One look from you and I’m shot through, your eyes pe-    ne-trate me.     

I’m down for the count in the mind-game, knocked out, ru-mi-nating: 

Did she mean to look at me? Was it meaningful? Was she just lost in thought? 

Did she just look at my socks? What can she see in these jeans? I just want her to see 

What I could see between me and her, I wish      I could tell her. 
            ‘I just love  spending time with you. 
             And finding ways to be kind to you. 

            I may not have what you need in a man 
            I’m not asking can I be… 
            I’m not asking to be… 
            I’m not asking can I be your man.              
But, there I go ag-ain-                 
Thinking about for-ever! 
‘Cause I seem to catch sight of your  soul 
In private passions passing over your face. 
There I go ag-ain! Encan-tado, volando 
Charmed, dis-armed and En-chanted by your smile. 
But, I’m afraid to fly from now to for-ever in your eyes ‘cause then I may never. 
    Learn to  be al-right     with where I stand  right now. And then 
                     a-gain, me encuentro o-ran-do. 
How can I take her where she sends me 
         In Mo-ments of     
        Every day grace. 
I’m living for these    mo-  ments … 
Everyday mo-ments of  quiet grace. 
 Moments of every day grace. 
For now that’s all I can take.     
‘Cause I’m too heart broken to really have the heart for dating. 
If I were smart, I’d stick to my smart phone, 
Swipe right and left like an art form,          
En Espa- ñol   
the verb that means “hoping” 
Can also describe the act of 
    There I go      a-gain       
    2da voz        Sonando en ti     
                 Orando que tu 
                 Te pudieras sentir 
                 lo que siento yo. 
But, I’m afraid to       fl-y. 
                Tan pobre que soy 
                 no te puedo ofrecer 
                  mas nada 
           que es-te sue-no de amor 

    I don't wanna “make believe” 
    But, I be-lieve, in love       
There I go again. 
2da voz            Some dreams     are better than the real thing. 
There I go again. 
                        Some things      are not meant to be. 
There I go again! 
               Fine                            SDG


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