Mind-Game Aspects: Trials and Layers

I worked on this song like it was a grad school thesis project, but self-taught, and highly self-critical. The project looks at life’s “mindgames” both public and private: being gaslight vs. neurodivergent, getting fooled vs. being foolish. It really messed with my head. It got mad-meta. Along the way some dope flows, ill beats and beautiful backing parts were made, but I was restlessly unsatisfied. 

            I would make 9 distinct versions, each one had at least three drafts, each representing at least a dozen hours of work.

            As a rapper, I kept testing my range. 

            As a composer, I kept testing how much I could expand within the freedom of limitation of Gonzo Jonez beat.

            Emotionally, I kept testing how much of my inner experience I could make audible and dope. 

            These are the best unreleased versions of the single "Mind-Game Aspects" made from 2016-2021 in chronological order. 

            Hear it grow.


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