Happy Holidays and Tax the Rich! 

It may seem like a song called "Tax the Rich" is not good holiday music. But, I think it fits very well with the true meanings of this sacred season. Please listen to the song, and let me know if you get what I mean.

You see:"Tax the Rich!"is a phrase which is treated as if it were profane in this culture.

But, I think taxing the rich can be such an important part of building a better society, that the phrase:" Tax the Rich!" should be regarded as sacred. And saying :"Tax the Rich!" should be regarded as uttering a blessing.

This holiday season, when we say:"Happy Holidays!" maybe we should also say: "Tax the Rich!"

Because saying:"Tax the rich!" is like saying: " I love you!" to a whole society.

Saying:"Tax the rich!" is celebrating Ujamaa, cooperative economics, which is the fourth principle of Kwanzaa, and recognizing the logic of Ubuntu:" I am because we are."

Saying: "Tax the rich!" is taking a moment of Chanukah (which literally means:"Dedication"), and committing ourselves to not let the light of peace with justice go out all year long.

And saying:"Tax the rich!" ain't nearly as radical as what Mary sang when the angel appeared to her with God's vision for redemption of the world through her womb( Luke 1.46-55), but it is a good start...

This holiday season, the mainstream media and the major party politicians tell us that because "the 99% have been naughty" we should lower our expectations for the new year. But, we can dispel their lies with the powerful incantation of the simple truth: "We don't need to accept austerity, recessions, and oppression-WE CAN TAX THE RICH!"

So, happy (belated) Chanukah! Happy solstice! I wish you an enlightening and joyful Kwanzaa! Una feliz Navidad, and a new year filled with abundant life!

And if you agree about the gospel of progressive taxation, turn to someone you love, give them a fist bump or a hug, and teach them this chant*:

Call:"Tax the Rich!

                                Response:"All the time!"

Call:"All the time!"

                                Response:"Tax the Rich!

Thanks for listening,


*The chant, of course, comes from the spiritual genius of the African American Church. The traditional version which many folk may know is:

Call:"God is good!

                                Response:"All the time!"

Call:"All the time!"

                               Response:"God is good!"


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